Kayanoya Dashi

No Artificial Flavors or PreservativesKayanoya Dashi

First, try boiling a daikon radish.

Our head chef has carefully selected four types of
domestically-grown ingredients to make it easy for you to
make use of them at home. Put it in the water and let it
boil for 2-3 minutes just to release the flavor. It's an easy
way to make genuine dashi in your own home.

The ingredients are domestic konbu, bonito flakes, round
herring, and grilled flying fish (ago). Add just a little sea
salt and soy sauce for flavor. It's easy to give great flavor to even difficult Japanese cuisine. Start by boiling daikon radish, then check the flavor.

No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

Kayanoya Dashi8g × 30packets / ¥1,944 (tax incl.)

This consists of konbu, bonito flakes, round herring, and grilled ago (flying fish), powdered and packaged to create a true Japanese dashi. It is useful for a variety of dishes, including miso soup and stews. Since the ingredients are all packaged as a powder,it can be used as a seasoning as well.

We focus on domestic ingredients.

Every product in the Kayanoya Dashi line uses carefully-selected, domestically-grown ingredients. We visit the place where the ingredients are grown ourselves, meet with the growers, and share in the ideas and convictions that go into growing.

Grilled Ago

Our yakiago, or grilled flying fish, is the same type used in the Hakata zouni soup that is so beloved in Kyushu. We take freshly-caught flying fish and roast and then pulverize them.

Bonito Flakes

This is a common style of bonito flakes, made by smoking the fish with burning broadleaf tree wood for half a month. It has a particularly strong aroma.

Round Herring

This type of fish is noted for its strong umami and subtle sweetness. We carefully select the freshest round herring for processing.

Konbu seaweed

We carefully select the seaweed we use to produce a hearty and sweet dashi. This helps bring out a refined flavor.

Sea Salt

Made from the sea waters of Kyushu, the sea salt was chosen for its gentle umami and body.

Make your choice based on preferred flavor and the intended use.An introduction to the
Kayanoya Dashi product line.

In addition to our popular Kayanoya
we have a series of other dashi,
including vegetable, sardine, and others.
Pick one that suits your tastes.

for Gifts

We also offer our dashi pre-packaged,
ideal for giving as gifts.

We also offer special Kayanoya wrapping paper
and tags, perfect for gift-giving.
Our guidebooks make it easy to use Kayanoya
dashi to make delicious food in your own home.
Combine them with the dashi to make a perfect gift.